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    October 30, 2012
    5:00 - 5:30pm PDT  

properties. the handshake and contract signings happened today. it's a $4 billion deal. it means he turns over his "star wars" franchise to one of the world's best known brands disney. lucas is here in the presidio employing 1200 to 1400 people in its production offices. the company released video statement, lucas says he is selling because it's time. >> as i have gone through my career, i realize at some point i needed to retire. i wanted to do other things. the time block in that was to find a good solid home for the company. and the first place was disney. >> this gives disney inspiration and opportunities to continue the epic "star wars" saga. fans can expect a new feature film, "star wars" episode 7, in theaters worldwide in 2015. >> reporter: the first feature
film will come under the disney lucas film brand. the deal includes lucas' industrial light and magic, the award winning visual effects company, and lucas sound. those are the dynamics that made all of lucas' films so amazing, so popular. we have learned that the majority of lucas film employees who work here are now meeting with lucas and top management at an undisclosed location here in the bay area to discuss their future. reporting live at the san francisco presidio, linda yee, cbs 5. a day after make landfall super storm sandy still making some history. 48 people have been killed nearly 8 million customers in 15 states are without power. new york city's subway system swamped. countless homes have been destroyed by fire, wind, floods. one government prediction says the wind damage alone could top $7 billion. president obamaed heads to new jersey tomorrow to survey the
damage there. sandy dealt the garden state a punishing blow. end tired neighborhoods are under water and beach boardwalks are in ruins. duarte geraldino shows us what's left. >> reporter: access to atlantic city is limited tonight because safety officials say the roads are still not safe. many of the areas are littered with debris. behind me, you can see what's left of a nice chunk of the famed atlantic city boardwalk. it was ripped apart by super storm sandy. tomorrow, the president is expected to join the new jersey governor and tour parts of the state most heavily damaged by the storm. in atlantic city, duarte geraldino, cbs 5. the super storm also left parts of maryland under water but the real problem is another kind of flood. raw sewage is spewing into baltimore area waterways at a rate of 20 million gallons per hour. it's coming from a treatment plant that flooded after losing power. sandy as a snowy side bringing with it blizzard
conditions to tennessee, north carolina and neighboring states. a foot of snow fell in the great smoky mountains and the snow isn't letting up. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather center tracking everything from the snow to the flooding and sandy. >> we still have sandy going on and we still have flooding going on. we still have rain. hard to believe a tropical storm is bringing snowfall. central pennsylvania, western maryland and west virginia, some areas could get three feet of snow with blizzard conditions. sustained winds of 30 miles per hour or greater. this is a massive storm. actually to get out on a couple of websites and measure this. 1,989 miles from top to bottom from hudson bay canada to atlanta. that's how big this system is. specifically right on new york city, rainfall i saw widespread totals from 5 to 10" of rain. it's still raining.
we had widespread wind gusts up to 80 miles per hour some on some of the bridges in new york city 100 miles per hour. and the highest tide in new york city history happened yesterday, 2 feet above the old record. so major damage in the northeast. and sandy isn't done yet. i'll have more on sandy in our local forecast coming up in 12 minutes. >> thank you. veneta reports from long island. it's been 24 hours since the storm hit new york city. unusually dark and quiet in you can see. >> reporter: we're limping back to life. the bridges and tunnels are reopen. and bus service is startin. it started today around 5:00 local time. if you catch the bus the rides are free. garbage bins, tree branches and debris left behind as the floodwaters receded in lower manhattan. sandy's powerful winds and storm surge slammed the city and rattled residence.
>> the entire residence is flooded out. the basement -- we have no electricity. >> reporter: the city remains paralyzed. many businesses are closed, power is still out for tens of thousands, and the city's subway system is shut down. the mayor says it could be days before subways run and running again. >> make no mistake about it, this was a devastating storm. maybe the worst that we have ever experienced. >> i don't think that we expected the damage that we're seeing as we're walking around the neighborhood. >> reporter: storm surge flooded this entire area of lower manhattan last night. it crashed over the seawalls at a record height of almost 14 feet. the water poured into the brooklyn-battery tunnel. new yorkers have never seen anything like it. >> this is quite a phenomenon to have a weather system like this through here. >> reporter: fierce winds ripped the facade from a four- story manhattan apartment building in. breezy point, queens, a massive fire now extinguished destroyed at least 80 homes. on long island, home video caught this amazing sight when
a giant tree was uprooted during the height of the storm. now, of course, the biggest headache for most of the new yorkers here are power outages. we are told by con ed the original predictions are further. for people in manhattan and brooklyn it looks to be four or five days before they could have power. live in lower manhattan, veneta n air, cbs 5. sandy has flooded one of the nation's busiest airports. the runways and taxiways at laguardia like like a beach. all three airports in new york city are shut down leading to thousands of canceled flightses across the country. ken bastida is live in mobile5 at sfo where travelers on this coast are feeling the impacts of sandy. >> reporter: we ran into a guy at the airport, chris, and he tells me that his parents are in trouble. i mean, they have flooding in their basement.
he has trees down in the yard. he can't get home to help them. he can't get a flight out. >> i have been here friday tried to leave sunday and now my flight is scheduled thursday. i have friends in the area. 150 flights canceled from sfo yesterday 115 canceled today. the airport duty manager tells me this afternoon that they are going to try to get some flights out tonight but they are telling people flat out you can't go to jfk. it's closed. you can't go to laguardia. newark is closed, as well. they are going to try to move people to boston or to d.c. and telling them to rent a car. they may not get home until the weekend. reporting live from mobile5 at san francisco international airport, i'm ken bastida. back to you. for continuing coverage of super storm sandy stay with cbs
5 and you can watch live coverage online. see east coast radar and get airport delays. a million fans come to the parade tomorrow. we break down the options and the lessons from 2010 to help you avoidobstacles. >> the reason pg&e is checking your credit without you knowing and why some people will get a bill because of it. >> there are weather changes locally that will impact halloween and the parade forecast tomorrow. here's a peek from our mount vaca cam with high, thin clouds. details on these weather changes coming up. >> a new strategy to lose weight and keep it off. the first steps to take before going on a diet and how it will set you up for success in tonight's healthwatch. ,, ,,,,,,
wrapped around a redwood ciy taco bell this afternoon --t *just to get a free taco... how about this line wrapped around a taco bell in redwood city this afternoon. not just to get that free taco
but to see that guy. angel pagan his stolen base in the world series, that's the reason thousands are cashing in on free tacos today. you have a little less than an hour. it expires at 6 p.m. taco bell ran the free promotion during the world series. a million people are expected to line market street to celebrate the world series giants. >> all day city workers have been getting civic center plaza ready for tomorrow's party. barricades run. balloons are filled. the jumbotron is work. the parade starts at 11 a.m. tomorrow from market street to civic center. mission street will be closed from embarcadero to ninth street. cbs 5 reporter ann notarangelo is live at civic center plaza and ann, you found some tricks for people trying to get into the city tomorrow. >> reporter: we sure hope so. this is a place where everybody who is come to the parade this is where they want to be because this is where the speeches will be heard. how are they going to get here? >> reporter: last time there
were more than a million giants fans who watched the championship parade. they took every mode of transportation imaginable and they will do the same this year. if you are coming in from the east bay, bart will be running on a rush hour schedule all day long using every train possible. still, they are warning people that there will be long lines and crowds so you might want to buy a roundtrip ticket today. keep in mind, the 2010 world series parade set a bart record. a few stations even closed temporarily because there were too many people on the platforms. and some fans may opt to take ferries. the san francisco bay ferry is adding an extra trip here from oakland also vallejo and alameda and there are ferries on standby for the trip home. golden gate ferries adding service from larkspurs, sausalito and has others ready if needed. it's first come, first served. buy tickets ahead of time so you're not left at the dock. here's where a flood of people
are going to be getting a train here at san francisco and fourth and king. they will have extra trains on hand tomorrow but they warn even if you buy a parking permit, it doesn't guarantee a space at the station you want. once the giants faithful reach the city, they will probably just start walking along the parade route which for the most part is market street and then they will find their spot. some might take muni but first consider this. two dozen muni and cable car lines will be affected because of the parade route. i heard from some people who say they are going to stake out their spot along the parade route as early as 8 a.m. the parade doesn't start until 11. the real early birds are going to miss all the traffic. they expect hundreds of people to camp out overnight. >> the rule of thumb for everyone allow for extra time no matter where you're going. golden gate transit says people planning to take the bus over the bridge should expect delays and allen and elizabeth, anybody planning on driving into the city, good luck. >> i was going to say. if you are going to drive,
start now. >> reporter: exactly. >> to find a good parking spot. >> thank you. >> you can watch the parade live here on cbs 5 starting at 11 a.m. tomorrow and if you are not near a tv, you can watch a live stream on that's also where you can find all things giants. >> they are the items on the ballot no one is talking about. we break down the forgotten props and explain why they're important. >> then, have you checked your credit lately? pg&e has. why the company is looking into your finances and the reason they can get away with it, coming up in tonight's consumerwatch. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
sandy... is forcing both presidential candidates to d lightly on the campaign tra. campaign 2012 the election countdown is on. super storm sandy is forcing both presidential candidates to tread lightly on the campaign trail. president obama has canceled campaign events to travel to new jersey tomorrow to visit the damage. meanwhile mitt romney collected food donations for storm relief efforts in ohio instead of holding a rally. there is no holding back here in california. there's a media blitz
surrounding the state ballot measures but there are a few propositions flying under the radar. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on the ones you're not hearing much about. grace. reporter: perhaps not completely forgotten but they have definitely been quiet considering the nonstop campaigning of some of the props. as we found in looking into three initiatives, there is a reason we're not hearing a lot about them. reporter: >> redistricting, state tax law, and budgeting cycles are not hot button issues and they are not easy to understand. >> reporter: they're not exciting and sexy. >> no, they are not exciting. they're not sexy. >> reporter: but they are important. let's start with proposition 31. vote yes and it would change the legislature's budget cycle from one to two years. supporters say it would allow local governments more planning time because they would know in advance how much money they get. and in gives the governor the power to reduce spending if there is a budget emergency. opponents say it's unclear what
would really happen if this measure passes because the budgeting process is so complicated. money is at the heart of proposition 39. vote yes and it forces multi- state businesses to pay more in taxes based on their california sales bringing the state an extra $1 billion a year. >> yes. this is actually a way to close a tax loophole. it would bring revenue to the state. the polls show that it's likely to pass. >> reporter: opponents warn, though, prop 39 could discourage businesses and jobs from coming to california. >> hi. >> reporter: on to proposition 40. the state legislature's districts were redrawn for this election year. they used to look like this but have been updated to this. vote yes on prop 40 and nothing changes. so at least for this year, nothing changes. so a little political inside baseball going on here. >> i had read prop 40 backers have even backed off endorsing
-- it's confusing. >> reporter: it's political inside baseball. the republicans originally wanted to change this because they said it didn't look good for them in 2012 but then they looked at 2014 and it looked good and they are going to back off supporting it. the republicans don't want it anymore. so confusing. [ laughter ] >> trying to explain it. >> clearer now than it was. >> thank you. pg&e is admitting it has run credit checks on millions of customers. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains what the company is trying to find out and how the utility was busted. reporter: when it comes to paying her pg&e bill, terry is a shining example. >> i have had continuous service for at least 18 years. i have never had a late payment. >> reporter: so she was shocked when she recently checked her credit report and discovered pg&e has been checking it too. >> i just couldn't think of any reason why they would check it. >> reporter: but they did.
the record request is right here on her credit report. and if you're a pg&e customer, it's likely on yours, too. the utility says back in july, it did what's known as a soft credit inquiry on all of its customers in an effort to track down people with unpaid balances from old closed accounts. >> they do not need your permission. >> reporter: rick harper of the consumer credit counseling service says unlike hard inquiries that are done when you apply for loan or credit card, soft credit inquiries don't impact your credit score. but a record of any inquiry must appear on your credit report. and you might be surprised by how many businesses can take a peek at your credit history without telling you. >> the fair credit reporting law says if a creditor has a legitimate business interest with you, or potential business interest with you, they can scan your file. >> reporter: but even though they have the right, terry isn't so keen on pg&e's explanation for checking her credit report. >> their answer that they don't know who owes them money
doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: now, pg&e says the mass inquiry turned up several thousand delinquent accounts and while it could track down the deadbeats themselves, the utility says it was more efficient to use an outside company for credit inquiries. for a link to your free credit report go to all right. it is weather time. changes coming. this weather has been perfect for the past couple of days and would you like it to continue for the parade and trick or treating? mother nature has other plans. you can see the change as high pressure is moving out, the onshore flow moving in earlier and we have lost the view of the top of the bay bridge. now let's head down to the santa clara valley. some high, thin clouds beginning to move in another sign that the forecast is changing. with cloud cover this morning we didn't get as warm as we first thought only the upper 60s for santa rosa and san jose. also 68 now for oakland. livermore the one spot in the 70s downtown san francisco. 63 degrees. big storm. it's not sandy. this is a storm on the west coast that will slam into
southern british columbia bringing a lot of rainfall potentially flooding rain to seattle and olympia and portland and eugene. for us we'll catch the tail end of it but it's on the way here and it will arrive tomorrow evening so it really depends on what time you take the kids out trick or treating tomorrow as to whether you will stay dry or not. for the parade, 11:00 tomorrow morning, the rain will stay to our north. we will stay dry. by 5 or 6:00 tomorrow night, the latest computer models say not the case. they say that we are going to see the showers moving in becoming a steady rainfall overnight. the later you go out trick or treating tomorrow, the more likely your kids and you will get a little soggy. cloud cover rolling in tonight. by tomorrow morning we'll be dry for the parade. stop the clock at 11:00 but it is going to be mainly cloudy. pretty chilly, too, temperatures only in the upper 50s but here we go with the rainfall moving into the north bay first. by 5:00 it's raining in santa rosa, working its way south throughout the evening. highs tomorrow only the 60s. oakland 67. concord 68. san jose 66. sunnyvale 67 degrees for your
trick or treat forecast. san ramon topping out at 68. vallejo 66. petaluma 66. alameda and san leandro 67 degrees. extended forecast rain moves in tomorrow evening, sticks around during the day on thursday but quickly is out of here. what a fantastic first weekend of november we are going to have. 80 degrees by sunday. rain tomorrow night. >> okay. thank you. a new weight loss program is asking participants to not lose any weight for the first eight weeks. >> dr. kim explains why this strategy just might be the ticket for success. reporter: we all have strategies to lose weight. >> eat less and exercise. >> i don't drink soda. i drink water. eat a lot of salads and vegetables. >> reporter: but it's so easy to pack it back on. >> oh, yes. yes. it's very easy. especially with all the good food in san francisco. you can't resist it. >> reporter: have you ever gained it back?
>> yeah. i did. i gained it back and then i lost it again. >> reporter: here's a tip to help stop that yo-yo dieting. the idea? learn how to maintain a healthy weight before you even lose those pounds. >> twice as many women were able to lose a clinically significant amount of weight and then maintain it over the course of the year. >> reporter: stanford researchers tracked nearly 300 women for 18 months. those who learned and practiced ceskrtain before jumping into a weight loss program kept the weight off. >> we were trying to get people to do was learn how to fine- tune their behavior and make small adjustments without keeping food records. >> reporter: what are those skills? easy. before you diet, find low fast low calorie foods that taste good to you to avoid feeling deprived. make peace with the scale. weigh yourself daily to see how your body weight naturally fluctuates. set a sweet spot a 5-pound range to account for things like holidays and vacations and
go ahead and have that occasional treat. >> you get to have your cake and eat it to so you're doing thgs that are healthy but also allowing yourself favori high fat high calorie foods and allowing yourself to enjoy life so until that pill comes along, this is a good alternative. >> reporter: now, the women mo spent the first eight weeks mastering weight maintenance skills before starting the weight loss program shed the same number of pounds as women who started a weight loss program immediately. but one year later they regained only 3 pounds on average compared to the average 7-pound gain for the di dieters. >> that didn't say break the scale into pieces. it said make peace with the scale. [ laughter ] >> thank you. we'll be right back. ,,
this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy.
they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. a contentious bay area campn downright nasty. the i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. a contentious bay area campaign turns downright nasty. the destroyed signs, the allegations of physical abuse, and the fiery reaction from a
candidate's husband after he is caught on undercover video. plus... >> i ride a bike from school to home. so i usually go quick. >> go. >> why a bay area school and police are suddenly in such a rush to teach students self- defense. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> see you in 30 minutes. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" incredible coverage of hurricane sandy coming up. >> remember the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,